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So you've experienced a session of "Speed Date a Producer" or of a CTI session on the "Pitch" and as informative and as good as they are, you felt that you still wanted more and sooner, rather than later. Wanting more help working on your pitch and answers to lot of other questions as well.

Theatrical Outreach and Consulting is here to help you get that help and more.

As a playwright, you have a unique set of issues and problems and TOC is here to help you acquire the knowledge you desperately need to succeed in the business of Theatre. How about everything from script reviews and analysis to a 4-week intensive that deals not only with your pitch, but everything else you need to know about this business that you want to be in. TOC is here for you.

For more information, to get your application and to receive your free copy of our "5 Steps to a Winning Pitch":
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